Hymenoptera Course

The main objective of HYM Course is to provide participants with knowledge and experience in identifying parasitic and predatory wasps, sawflies, wood wasps, bees, and ants. Information on natural history is also presented, and that information is reinforced with fieldwork. Techniques used to collect, rear, preserve, and curate specimens are presented in a hands-on manner to allow participants to learn directly by doing. You can find more course information here.

ForBio has the possibility to fund participation in the course (travel costs, accommodation and meals, plus the hefty course fee) to members and associates that can show that the the course is important for their scientific work. 
Internal ForBio deadline for application: 15-2-2012.
Please send a letter of interest (download the form here) and - if you are a PhD student - a letter of support written by your supervisor to Christiane Todt Christiane.Todt@bm.uib.no. Take care to explain your interest in the course!
Published Jan. 13, 2012 6:26 PM - Last modified Apr. 11, 2012 2:53 PM