ForBio and University of Gothenburg course: Marine invertebrate taxonomy and systematics with emphasis of Skagerrak

Marine invertebrate taxonomy and systematics based on Brusca & Brusca - "Invertebrate Zoology", with emphasis on the fauna of Skagerrak. This is a unique opportunity to both read a textbook in taxonomy/systematics and to have time to see and examine representative specimens under supervision of an expert in the chosen group! Each day will have lectures/discussions on the selected part before lunch and a "hands on" laboratory part with collected material after lunch. Each day will be led by an expert in the selected group. In connection with the main topic of taxonomy and systematics will a few lectures be given for insight to computerized taxonomy, organizing field expeditions for marine biodiversity research and an introduction to e-taxonomy resources and scientific applications.

ForBio will reimburse its members for course-related travel costs by bus/train/air (no taxi or private cars; remember to keep all receipts, tickets and boarding passes!) and cover their accommodation and meals during the course.  To become a ForBio member you must be registered as a PhD student or hired as a postdoctoral fellow in a biology program at a Nordic university or other research institute. For more information on how to become a member see  .

Credit: 7 hp (Swedish higher education credits, equivalent to ECTS)
Course leader / Address for applications:  Matz Berggren ( )
Entry requirements: Admitted to third cycle education.
Last day for application: 30 June 2014

To receive a tentative schedule, please contact the course leader ( ).

To apply: Send application including a short description (max 200 words) of the applicants' research and how this course will fit into their future research to Matz Berggren ( ). The course can take a maximum of 16 students!

ForBio contact: Aino Hosia (

Matz Berggren (Course leader and main contact) is a researcher at the Dept. of BioEnv, GU, working with crustacean taxonomy and ecology in both Indian Ocean and North East Atlantic. He has been leading and organizing inventories of the invertebrate biodiversity at the Swedish west coast for the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative and County Boards of Halland and Västra Götaland.

Fredrik Pleijel is researcher at Dept of BioEnv, GU, specialized in polychaete phylogeny and taxonomy based on combined morphological and molecular data. Currently he has a grant from the Hasselblad Foundation to photo-illustrate Swedish marine invertebrates.

Matthias Obst is a researcher at Dept of BioEnv, GU, specialized in Bryozoa and other clonal invertebrate groups.

Peter Schuchert is a researcher at the Natural History museum of Geneva, working on Hydrozoa taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny worldwide. He is also editor of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)

Christiane Todt is an associate researcher at the University Museum of Bergen and currently works as a marine biologist for a consulting  company in Bergen, Norway. Her expertise is morphology and evolution of Mollusca, with a special focus on the Nordic mollusc fauna and the two aplacophoran mollusc classes Solenogastres (Neomeniomorpha) and  Caudofoveata (Chaetodermomorpha).

Thomas Stach is a researcher in the Biology Department (Comparative Zoology) at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, he specializes in phylogenetic systematics of Deuterostomia with a focus on Tunicata

Mikael Thollesson is a senior lecturer/associate professor at Systematic biology, Uppsala University. Current research interests are systematics (in broad sense) of demoponges and theoretical aspects of systematics. Has previously worked in bioinformatics and with systematics of ribbon worms (Nemertea) and nudibranchs.

Sabine Stöhr is a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, working with Ophiuroidea taxonomy, systematics and morphology worldwide, and a senior curator of Echinodermata involved in collection management and database development. She is also editor and steering committee member of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS).

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