ForBio course: Introduction to Bioinformatics for Biosystematics

Extended deadline: August 15th, 2016.

Teachers: Johan Nylander and Hans-Henrik Fuxelius

Course content
Basic programming skills are becoming essential for handling large datasets and performing complex analyses in biosystematics. This course aims to provide the students with tools to solve practical problems often encountered in biosystematic research. The students will be introduced to programming using Python (, R (, and SQL (e.g., Other programming languages may be used for specific tasks. A two day introduction will be arranged for participants with no or limited experience of GNU/Linux and Bash. Please register for the introduction in the application form.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the students should be comfortable working with a command-line interface, well oriented in the basics of Python, R, and SQL programming, and familiar with methods for computerized process control and data analysis.

Credits: 3 ECTS
Level: PhD-level course, aimed at early stage PhD students. Motivated MSc students can be admitted as well.
Maximum number of participants: 18
Fee: No fee for ForBio members or associates.
Travel, food and accommodation: Shared accommodation is free of charge. In addition, ForBio will cover travel for Norwegian ForBio members. Meals are not included but the station has cooking facilities and food can be bought and prepared together in shifts. BioCEED and NABiS students are encouraged to apply. See for more information on ForBio and membership.

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