Transmitting Science and ForBio course: The art of Science - Scientific Illustration

Transmitting Science and ForBio course on The art of Science: Scientific Illustration

Scientific illustration blends the discipline and creativity of science and art to produce images that serve and communicate science.

This course is designed to help scientists, science communicators, artists, and adults interested in natural history develop the observation skills and drawing skills they need to record, distill, and visually communicate observations made of natural history objects and organisms. Traditional scientific illustration techniques as well as the history, significance, status, and future directions of scientific illustration will be explored in this hands-on studio-style course.


  • Develop and improve scientific observational and visual communication
  • Recognize and transform observable scientific information into scientifically accurate illustrations for use in publications and presentations.
  • Understand and appreciate the history and function of scientific illustration as a medium for disseminating scientific knowledge and concepts.
  • Learn and practice a variety of drawing and illustration techniques that can be used in the field, the laboratory, and for fun.

Teachers: Julianne Snider, Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery United States of America

Number of participants: Places are limited to 15 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

Cetificate and credits: This course is equivalent to 2 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and participants who have completed the course and pass an assignment will receive a certificate at the end of it.

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For those interested in registering in this course, please do so through the Transmitting Science website

ForBio will cover the registration fee for all accepted ForBio members. ForBio associates can get a 20% discount on the course fee. ForBio will cover travel and accommodation only for Norwegian ForBio members. A 30% of the course fee may be required as a confirmation of assistance for all participants, amount that will be reimbursed to ForBio members during the course.

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