ForBio, NTNU and NABIS course: Diversification in Time and Space

ForBio, NTNU and NABIS are co-organising the course Diversification in time and Space.

Biodiversity changes through time and varies in space. The aim of this course is to understand major processes causing changes in biological diversity. Focus will be on understanding micro- and macro-evolutionary processes, how these change diversity and species distributions, and how to obtain knowledge of species histories.

Emphasis will be placed on understanding methods used in analyses of evolution in time and space, in particular using coalescent theory as a tool for understanding population genetic processes and inferring phylogenetic patterns, and how to do proper biogeographic analyses.

There are four main parts of the course:

       1) coalescent theory in population genetics and phylogeography,

       2) the multispecies coalescent,

      3) molecular dating, and

      4) biogeography.

For the first part of the course, curriculum is R Nielsen & M Slatkin "An Introduction to Population Genetics" (2013), Sinauer, with main emphasis on chapters 1-9. For the other parts course literature will be made available for download. It is advised to read course literature on various topics before watching course videos and attending online lectures.

The course consists of video lectures, online questions to each topic and discussion groups.

The course is given the next time in the period 23th of January and 3th of March 2017, it thus takes 6 weeks to finish and 10 ECTS is given to master students taking exam (5 ECTS to students taking the course through ForBio). To take exam, and obtain diploma, students need to register themselves either at ForBio, NABIS (Nordic Academy of Biodiversity) or be registered students at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

This course is given as an online course. ForBio students should register here. Application deadline is January 18, 2017.

More information about this course can be found here.

Contact Maria Capa ( or Hans K. Stenøien ( for more information.

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