ForBio and STI course: Macro algae – systematics and taxonomy

Сourse scope:

The course will present and overview of the macro algae – marine and freshwater. We will cover the systematics, taxonomy and identification at different taxonomic levels. Sessions will include lectures, fieldwork and laboratory exercises. The students will learn various techniques for macro algae identification and sampling.

Learning targets:

  • General understanding of systematics and taxonomy of macro algae
  • Techniques for collecting macro algae
  • Techniques for species identification

Please find the preliminary course program and the list of freshwaster taxa to be demonstrated during the course.


Prof. Stein Fredriksen - Department of Biosciences, UiO

Dr. Gustav Johansson - Hydrophyta Ekologikonsult 

Dr. Gunilla Toth - University of Gothenburg

Algologist Roland Bengtsson - Mikroalg

Maximum number of participants: 18, in case of more applicants, participants will be selected based on the scientific, educational and/or professional merit of the course, with priority given ForBio members and students/researchers enrolled in the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STI). Results of the selection process will be announced via e-mail ca. one week after the application deadline.

Target group: PhD students, master students, postdocs, researchers, consultants, government officials, museum staff with relevant background in biology.

Working language: English/Scandinavian

Assignement and credits: The course is equivalent to 2 ECTS. ForBio will provide certificates for those successfully completed the course assignment. 

Registration: Please fill in the online application here. There is no course fee for ForBio members or associates. Travel is covered for ForBio members based at Norwegian institutions. Accommodation at the Sven Lovén Centre in Tjärnö is covered for all ForBio members. ForBio assoiciates will have to pay for accommodation and food at the field station, see the price list here. Bench fee and boat time will be covered for all course participants. 

Find out about how to become a ForBio member/associate here.

Application deadline: April 16th, 2018.

Contact: ForBio coordinator Nataliya Budaeva ( or STI representative Malin Strand (


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