Seyens and ForBio workshop: Effective Visual Communication of Science

When reading research papers, conference posters or viewing slide presentations, people look at figures first. If created properly, figures are the most effective way to attract audience, explain complex ideas in the shortest amount of time and raise your credibility.

In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn to make your scientific communication more easily understood by peer scientists or novice audience. You will learn the underlying principles of how to create an intuitive eye-flow, a good visual hierarchy and how to use colors to amplify not fancify. You will apply the principles in a drawing exercise where you will sketch your own research ideas as a graphical abstract and receive feedback from your peers. On the second day, we will apply the principles to improve the comprehension and  appearance of your journal papers, slide presentations, conference posters and project proposals. Special attention will be given to data visualizations and image file formats including the basics of various computer programs you can use for different purposes.  

This workshop uses a hands-on approach to help researchers visually present their own research through various means of scientific communication.

The workshop will cover:

• Essential visual communication

• Exercise in drawing graphical abstracts

• Digital imaging for publication

• Visually consistent publications

• Data visualization

• Conference posters

• Slide presentations

• Effective project proposals

LecturerJernej Zupanc holds a PhD (2011) in computer science from University of Ljubljana, is a published photographer, H2020 project evaluator and Fulbright alumnus.  Drawing on various fields including technology, art and communication, his research focuses on identifying the best practices and principles scientists can use for visually presenting their research findings. He runs training workshops for research institutions and universities and corporations and directs a scientific illustration services company.

Number of participants: Places are limited to 20 participants and will be occupied by strict registration order.

Requirements: before the workshop, you will send the lecturer your publications (posters, slides, papers, grant proposals, charts …) and we will discuss and comment on them during the workshop.

Target audience: everybody who has to communicate science.

Cetificate and credits: Course certificates will be provided. 

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For those interested in registering in this course, please indicate your interest when filling in ForBio annual meeting 2018 registration form. The course is offered to the ForBio annual meeting participants only and there is no special registration form.

Contact Galina Gusarova for more information.


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