ForBio and UiO: Mycology field course

University of Oslo and ForBio are offering a field course focusing on the fungal diversity of eastern Norway. The two main aims of the course are to (1) acquire more knowledge about fungal diversity, fungistics and systematics, and (2) learn to use literature, stereomicroscope and microscopy to identify fungi based on micro- and macroscopic characters. We will also focus on the species ecology and phylogenetic belonging. 

Teachers: Anders K. Wollan, Trond Schumacher, Klaus Høiland, and Håvard Kauserud.

Program. Each day starts with a 3-5 hours field trip to one or two localities in the proximity of Drøbak. In the field we will collect fruit bodies for further examination, including microscopy. After returning to Tollboden we will study the collected material and make a systematic exhibition. In the evenings there will also be some presentations.

Examination. ForBio participants taking the course must deliver a report from the course, summarizing what have been observed and learned during the week. (More details about requirement for the report will be given during the course). ForBio will issue students that pass a 3 ECTS course certificate.

Practical information. We will stay at Tollboden, a part of the marine biological station in Drøbak. You don’t need to bring bed sheets. Some of you will need to share rooms, but there is plenty of space. There is eduroam wifi available. We will bring literature, but please bring mycological field literature you may have. Bring warm clothes and proper walking shoes and prepare also for rainy days. If you have a “soppkurv” (mushroom basket), please bring it in addition to a knife for collecting fruiting bodies. We will have dinner at a nearby hotel (Reenskaug), but breakfast, lunch (typically matpakke) and eventually supper we will organize ourselves by “dugnad”. Food will be available in refrigerators and we will make a list of people responsible for organizing the breakfast each day. In addition, ForBio will cover travel for Norwegian ForBio members. See for more information on ForBio and membership.

A preliminary course schedule can be found here.

Register here. Registration deadline: August 15th.

Contact Håvard Kauserud for questions about the course.
ForBio contact person: Hugo de Boer.

Published June 9, 2020 4:37 PM - Last modified June 9, 2020 4:37 PM