High Throughput Sequencing – data types, data manipulation and analysis

                                                          (c) N, Straube, UiB

High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) comprises different DNA sequencing approaches of the next and third generation, i.e. short and long read sequencing. Prior to data analysis, sequencing reads undergo different quality control and editing steps to identify target sequence information and prepare data for subsequent analysis. In our course, we will focus on this black-box between raw data received from the sequencing instrument and analysis of data in a biological context. Teaching goals are introduction to Unix command line, Illumina read quality assessment and trimming, blasting, mapping, mitochondrial genome reconstruction, annotation and analysis. The course will be split in lectures giving insights in laboratory practices and applications of sequences in systematic research such as phylo- or population genomics.

Course plan: The course plan can be found here.

Credits. A 2 ECTS course certificate will be given to students presenting a Mini Project on the last course day

Course teachers: Nicolas Straube (University Museum of Bergen, UiB), Leon Hilgers (Museum Koenig), Frederic Schedel (Zoological Institute, University of Basel) & Stefanie Agne (University of Potsdam).

Recommended background: none, however, some basic knowledge on Unix/ Command line is appreciated. Each student is expected to bring a laptop.

Course level: Master and PhD-level course. The format of this course requires students to identify the need of using these methods in their research. 

Course fee: There is no course fee for ForBio members or associates. Travel and accommodation are covered for ForBio members based at Norwegian institutions (local transportation is not covered). Coffee breaks and lunches are provided for all course participants.

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Application deadline: March 14th, 2022

Contact Nicolas Straube (nicolas.straube@uib.no) for questions about the content of the course or Nataliya Budaeva (nataliya.budaeva@uib.no) for more information about ForBio and course logistics.

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