ForBio annual meeting 2012

Biodiversity and biogeography

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Photo:Carl-Erik Eriksson/Trondheim kommune


About 60 registered participants enjoyed two days with presentations and discussions about various topics in biosystematics from the importance of nomenclature and taxonomy in biosystematic research, to marine biogeography of Antarctic marine systems, and to metabarcoding of DNA in ancient permafrost. The Swedish Taxonomy Initiatives was also presented, see program. The talks were given by ForBio members and invited guests from Norway, Sweden, Portugal and USA. ForBio members presented their projects and research results, and the meeting ended in a general discussion about species concepts.
The first prize for the best student oral presentation was awarded to Louis Boumans (Natural History Museum, University of Oslo) for his talk “Contradicting datasets on the phylogeography of Tipula maxima”. The poster prize was given to Magni Olsen Kyrkjeeide (Museum of Natural History and Archeology NTNU, Trondheim), her poster was entitled: “Phylogogeography of disjunctly distributed peat mosses (Sphagnum)”.
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