High throughput sequencing of non-model organisms

PhD course: High throughput sequencing of non-model organisms

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University, Norway. May 31 -
June 10, 2016

High throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies are being applied to a wide
range of important topics in biology. However, the analyses of non-model
organisms, for which little previous sequence information is available,
pose specific problems. This course will address the specific strengths
and weaknesses of alternative HTS technologies, the computational
resources needed for HTS, and how to analyze non-model species using
HTS. The course consists of practical training in preparing and running
fragment libraries, HTS bioinformatics training, and lecturing/seminars
of HTS approaches specifically targeting non-model organisms.

Please find a course description and application form here.

A maximum of 10 students will be accepted. The closing date for applications
is April 29.

If you have questions regarding the course, please contact Prof. Truls

Published Apr. 5, 2016 11:38 AM