Transmitting Science course: Phylogenetic Analysis Using R

Phylogenetic Analysis Using R is a course organized by Transmitting Science.

This course is for those interested in addressing questions about evolutionary relationships of populations, species, clades, communities and the forces structuring biodiversity at different scales, using molecular sequence data. 

The objectives of the course are: (i) to learn the theoretical bases of phylogenetic analysis, (ii) to know how to choose a strategy of molecular data analysis at the inter‐ or intraspecific levels, and (iii) to be able to carry out phylogenetic analyses going from sequence files to the interpretation of the results and graphics.

The software used for this course will be centered on the R language for statistics. This will include the use of specialized packages, in particular ape, phangorn, and adegenet.

Requirements: Graduate or postgraduate degree in any Biosciences discipline, basic knowledge of statistics, phylogenetics and molecular evolution. A basic understanding of R. All participants must bring their own personal laptop (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

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For those interested in registering for this course, please do so through the Transmitting Science website

ForBio will NOT cover any costs for this course, but ForBio members will get a 20% discount on the registration fee.

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Published Nov. 24, 2015 2:58 PM