Workshop on DNA barcoding

NorBOL and Natural History Museum in Oslo is organising a workshop on DNA barcoding

Aim: To provide participants with a practical and theoretical introduction to DNA barcoding through NorBOL and Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD). During the workshop, participants will be able to follow the complete protocol from photographing, filling in data sheets, and preparation of plates with tissue for DNA sequencing. The last day we go through analysis functions in BOLD v4, and you can get help to analyse own data, or try with a sample data set.

Material to be barcoded on NorBOL workshop 2017: Bring your own material (animals, plants, lichens and fungi from Norway applicable) - individuals and corresponding collecting data. Ideally you should be able to bring and work with 95 samples (one plate) or half during the workshop. If you do not have your own material you can work with material from the museum's collections.

Samples must be deposited in a public scientific collection. Information about registration number (collection number), species name, taxonomic information, location and coordinates in decimal format are the minimum requirements for BOLD submission.  

Registration fee, accommodation and travels: The workshop is fully funded by NorBOL, also covering travel at affordable manner, accommodation and stay for one person per ongoing project. This workshop will be run for a limited number of participants. ForBio members are welcomed to the workshops but please be aware that the maximum number of participants is 10 (the workshop is very practical and space in the lab is a limiting factor) and priority will be given to National Taxonomy Initiative (Artsdatabanken) projects.

Registration should be made through Gunnhild Marthinsen before 20 January 2017. Please enclose information about:

  • Name, address and contact information
  • If you need accommodation
  • Any allergies or dietary requirements
  • Brief description of the organism group you work with, number of individuals planning to process during the workshop, approximate size of organisms - to consider the type of photographic equipment)
  • Previous experience with sequencing / barcoding,
  • If you are interested in analysis functions in BOLD v4

ForBio members will be contacted soon after the deadline with information about acceptance to the workshop.


Published Nov. 30, 2016 1:14 PM