ForBio Course grants

Classic taxonomy is a trade threatened to become extinct and taxonomists with expertise on certain organism groups are spread over large geographical distances. Therefore it is crucial to exchange experiences and to transfer knowledge between generations of scientists. ForBio arranges courses to train new taxonomists, but for some organism groups the number of interested students is too small for a full-scale course to be worthwhile.

ForBio course grants are for members based in Norway, and prioritize transmission of knowledge from taxonomic experts to ForBio members. Course grants are given to attend courses with a taxonomic focus that are not offered by ForBio. These may be courses taught anywhere in the world, but ForBio support will be dependent on its relevance to current research or future plans. This is an open call without deadline.

ForBio course grants

These course grants enable ForBio members to attend courses with a taxonomic focus that ForBio does not offer, but which are relevant for the current or future research interests and needs of the ForBio member. ForBio will fund members based in Norway ( The grants can cover the course fee, travel and accommodation, and a detailed budget should be included in the application (grants are up to 30 000 NOK). Please note that we have a limited budget for travel grants and we will prioritize grant applications that most closely meet the objectives of this program. The application procedure requires you to fill out a ForBio course grant application. At the end of the form you will need to attach (1) a letter of recommendation from your main supervisor, and (2) a personal CV.

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