ForBio and University of Gothenburg workshop: Target capture for Illumina sequencing [Virtual]

The Target capture for Illumina sequencing workshop will cover state-of-the-art methodology for generating DNA sequence data from multiple loci and individuals for phylogenomics and population genomics analyses. You will learn the complete process from designing a Next generation sequencing (NGS) target capture project, the most essential steps in the lab, and the bioinformatic processing of the produced data. The course is aimed to equip students with the necessary knowledge to design and carry out their own target capture project, and make sensible and informed decisions along the way.

Course teachers: Tobias Andermann, GU, and Logan Kistler, Smithsonian Institution, DC

Recommended background: We strongly recommend everyone to have a decent basic knowledge of bash, as well as some basic genetics and/or bioinformatics background.

Course level: PhD-level course. Motivated MSc students can be admitted as well. The format of this course requires students to identify the need of using these methods in their research, and students with PhD projects that include target capture will be prioritized.
A 2 ECTS course certificate will be given to students that pass the course by ForBio.

Fee: No course fee.

Travel, food and accommodation: Accommodation and meals are included. In addition, ForBio will cover travel for Norwegian ForBio members.

Course plan: Take a look at the 2018 page for a previous schedule. The University of Gothenburg course plan can be found here.

Application: The course is currently planned to be taught online, but our wish is to teach the course on site in Kristineberg. Considering the current uncertainties regarding international travel we will need to re-assess the feasibility of the course on the application deadline. You can sign up for the course, and the application deadline is August 15th. We will contact accepted applicants about having the course on site or online.

Contact Tobias Andermann or Hugo de Boer for more information.

Tags: Target capture, Gene capture, Phylogenomics, Target enrichment, Anchored sequencing, Hyb-Seq, Hybrid sequencing
Published Apr. 27, 2020 4:58 PM - Last modified June 15, 2020 11:59 AM