ForBio course: Phylogenomics (online course)

Teachers: Torsten Hugo Struck and Michael Matschiner , NHM, UiO

Objectives: Advances in high-throughput sequencing and genomics have revolutionized research in evolutionary biology and systematics. The use of genomics data in phylogenetic analyzes has brought new challenges in terms of data handling and analysis. This course aims to help those who have basic experience in bioinformatics and molecular phylogenetics, and have projects focused on high-throughput sequencing data and phylogenetics, to become acquainted with tools, programs and pipelines for phylogenomics and want to conduct phylogenomic studies beyond the standard, also addressing potentially confunding biases in their datasets.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of command line interaction, regular expressions, UNIX, sequence data and alignments, model-based phylogenetic analyzes, model testing, Bayesian inference, is a prerequisite for participation. Pre-course exercises on command line, regex and UNIX will need to be done, submitted and passed to ensure that all participants have an equal minimum level at start.

NB: The course will cover the basic foundation of phylogenomic studies. Lectures and lab will build upon this and focus on dissecting the phylogenetic signal in the dataset and detecting possible misleading biases such as long branches and compositional heterogeneity among genes. Strategies for thorough sensitivity analyzes in phylogenomic studies will be part of this week. Detailed information will follow in February, but the course will generally be similar to the previous course conducted in Oslo. Due to corona restrictions, the course will be fully online.

Maximum number of participants is 14 .

Application deadline is March 15th, 2021.

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Contact Hugo de Boer Quentin MauvisseauMichael Matschiner  or Torsten Hugo Struck  for more information.   

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