Updated ForBio membership following new funding

Why should you become a ForBio member or associate? See what our members think about us and our courses: http://youtu.be/aw4BJ1bpHDY

ForBio member

To become a ForBio member you must be registered as a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in a biology program at a Nordic university or research institute. You are also expected to present your research project and progress at the annual ForBio meeting. All courses and the annual meeting can be attended for free by members. Travel expenses and accommodation will only be covered for members from Norwegian universities or research institutes. Accommodation at research stations will usually be covered for all members. Travel expenses to the annual meeting will be covered for all members with accepted contributions as oral or poster presentations, and all members are encouraged to present their research. We may cap travel expenses to enable us to cover participation of as many members as possible.

Please complete this form to apply for membership. Contact Hugo de Boer if you have questions regarding membership.

ForBio associate

If you do not fulfill the criteria above, you can be registered as a ForBio associate to participate in our courses and other activities. Most courses and the annual meeting can be attended for free by associates. Accommodation during and travel to courses will not be covered, and needs to be paid for by you, your supervisor, or from stipends. For the annual meeting accommodation and travel will be covered for associates with accepted contributions by oral or poster presentation.

Please complete this form to become a ForBio associate. Contact Hugo de Boer if you have questions about becoming or being an ForBio associate.

Published Dec. 29, 2011 8:33 PM - Last modified Nov. 16, 2017 10:03 AM